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Three logo making software options for every skill level

There are hundreds of design software options out there today. Consumers are not only faced with dedicated logo software options, but also ideal programs which can easily handle logo design tasks. With so many free options available to choose from, it is advisable always to have a clear idea of which ones are the best, especially if you are into designing. This guide reviews six logo design programs that you should know about in three categories, i.e., beginner, intermediate and professional.


Beginner logo design programs

Programs in this specific range are suitable for users who do not have time to learn complicated software, yet would love to be part and parcel of the entire logo design process. Basically, in this range, you can expect basic color options, small libraries of clip art and straight-forward text editing options.


  1. logoSmarts logo design software

This logo design software is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS, and because of this, it is considered to be the best options for beginners.  Other advantages that make it stand out include the fact that it comes with pre-made templates which can be easily customized, well organized clip-art libraries with categories such as education and delivery and preset color palette options with unusual effects such as shadows and bevels.


Intermediate logo software

If you have some free time outside your busy schedule and wish to use it to learn more about designing or even offer designing services to clients, then it is a good idea to go for this specific option. Intermediate logo design software options are custom made to assist designers who have a slight idea of what to do and how to develop quality logos.



  1. Affinity Designer

Affinity designer is a simple, beautiful and a free logo maker software which has extensive functionality and an emphasis on the user interface. Its user interface is attractive and intuitive to use. Also, the program has been designed in such a way that it easily allows one to create pixel layers in alongside vector layers. Other advantages associated with this specific option include the ability to support all types of shared files, an easy to use interface and the simple fact that it requires no subscription fee.


Professional logo design software

Just as the software name suggests, this option is for professional designers who have a detailed understanding of how to develop high-quality logo designs. In these programs, you will find high-grade features like layer panels with advanced functionality al-infused sketch modes and vector effects such as distortion and warping. Some of the logo maker software ranked in this category include Adobe Illustrator CC, CorelDraw, and Photoshop.

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